My name is Katherine and I’m also known as KC Swimmingly. I’m a writer, unapologetic realist and a life coach, focusing on authentic individualized wellbeing. My purpose is helping you tap into natural intuition, master your creative genius and help cultivate an invigorating routine to add a feeling of peace, prosperity, being in charge and blocking the bullshit.

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I offer sessions for focusing on Intuition, Creativity, self love and well being. Our focus will be to organize, optimize and reach your deepest perception and highest performance.

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10 Steps to Manifest Loving Relationships According to Jason Nelson

March 3, 2018 · Education

1. Responsibility: Choose to take responsibility for what you are creating. 2. Mirroring: See your relationship as a mirror, the person is a reflection of what you are attracting with your beliefs. 3. Gratitude: Be grateful to the universe for making you aware of what you are creating. 4. Breathe: Breathe deep and release to […]

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