Here at ITBN, there are many goals to attain and so many achievements that are waiting for you!
Nurturing your well being and learning to appreciate and love your true self is part of everything I do here; I also offer you the ability to get in touch with your inner fortune teller and creative genius.

Wellbeing, self love, intuition and creativity are like a wonderful orchestra that make the most beautiful music together!

I’m a intuitive, well being and creative life coach based in New York City, a patented inventor and entrepreneur whose dream job is to help individuals, groups and companies become their most creative, trust their intuitive core, rely on instinctive approach and help turn a hectic work week into a constant feeling of a Saturday afternoon!

I have been helping clients for over 10 years and had over 7,000 clients. My clients are left feeling more empowered, clear headed and ready to take on anything!